Our Coffee Vision

We seek to be a competitive company that maximizes the income of organized small producers through scaling up, professionalism, business efficiency and innovation.

We hope that young organized small producers achieve sustainable profitability and have a dignified and satisfying life.

Exportacion cafe chiapas

We are a cooperative of organized small producers. We want to make visible the work and effort of the small producers and guarantee a sustainable profitability for their work.

We work in an organized and responsible way. We like to learn together and take advantage of the strength that comes with a shared vision and commitment.

We operate as a sustainable social company focused on results. We look for financial profitability, knowledge development and social impact. We are incorporated as a B Corporation.

We have a team of professionals with the skills and experience necessary to be successful.

Our Vision

You have to produce benefits to invest. And we must invest in the small producers to guarantee a dignified model of life.

We want to grow without losing our identity and with partners and alliances that share our vision.

We need social investors who want to contribute with their knowledge, experience and financial resources to this initiative.